Phim tư liệu về Sài Gòn xưa – 1955

Một đoạn phim tư liệu về Sài Gòn xưa rất hiếm.
Bạn có thể bắt gặp những con phố quen, những kiến trúc vẫn còn tồn tại đến ngày nay.

ARC Identifier 27343 / Local Identifier 111-LC-39166 – Department of Defense. Department of the Army. Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations. U.S. Army Audiovisual Center. (ca. 1974 – 05/15/1984) – 1955 – Former capital of French Indo-China. Street scenes of the municipal theatre, lawns, small parks, a fountain in center of busy street, vehicular traffic. LS, Saigon City Hall with a large photo of Premier Diem over the front entrance. Street scenes in residential part of city. At the edge of a park a peddler has toy sampans on display. LS, Roman Catholic Cathedral. HS, of tree-lined streets. LSs, of the river; some vessels in the harbor and at pier. LSs, almost deserted streets at noon. Most of the shops are closed. MS, a native sleeps with his feet under his stand and hat over his face. LS, one of the main streets, barely any traffic. Fountain is in the right foreground. Few women peddlers with their baskets. Cars moving through street during heavy rain. A native peddles a three-way cart through the rain (This last scene underexposed). – Copied by Thomas Gideon


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