Vietnamese Tet Festival – San Francisco

When:  Jan. 30, 2011

The 15th Annual Vietnamese Tet Festival is set for Sunday, Jan. 30. Photo courtesy of

Each year between mid-January and mid-February the Vietnamese Community in the San Francisco Bay Area celebrates the Lunar New Year. This is an occasion for all Vietnamese Americans to remember their heritage and traditions and for the public to learn more about Vietnamese culture and celebrate San Francisco’s diversity.

The annual Tet Festival taking place on Sunday, Jan. 30 in the Tenderloin district is a unique event that gives all the opportunity to find togetherness and have a good time.

The Mayor of San Francisco, members of the Board of Supervisors and other City officials have regularly attended and enjoyed the ceremonies, especially in helping to pass-out to children red envelopes containing Lucky Money. Like other non-Vietnamese attending the event, they appreciate the sample of Vietnamese culture offered by exhibitions, games, and booths displaying New-Year flowers or selling traditional Vietnamese foods.

Most attractive to them is the music program performed by world-class Vietnamese artists as well as local talents.

Every year thousands of people are attracted to this free cultural event. The unique culture program, different games, food coupons for seniors and children are all offered free of charge. The Tet Festival has become the most popular event of the year for the Vietnamese community, and attendance is increasing steadily every year.

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Source:  AsianWeek


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