Tết Festival of Southern California


Tết, the Lunar New Year, marks the beginning of Spring and is the most observed holiday within the Vietnamese community. As a means to preserve culture, the Vietnamese American community celebrates Tết through a vibrant array of traditional foods, ceremonies, and customs.

The Union of Vietnamese Student Associations (UVSA) hosts the official Tết Festival of Southern California each year. UVSA staff and members contribute thousands of hours organizing the festival as a means to strengthen cultural awareness among the youth, build future leaders for the community, and fund community programs and projects across the Southern California region.   The Tết Festival of Southern California remains one of the largest Vietnamese Lunar New Year celebration in the country.

Interesting Facts:

  • UVSA has been hosting the Tet Festival in Orange County for 30+ years
  • The city of Garden Grove granted UVSA the exclusive right to host the Tet Festival at Garden Grove Park starting from 2002
  • The Tet Festival has attracted more than 100,000 patrons each year, making it the largest Vietnamese festival in the world outside of Vietnam
  • UVSA donates 50% of its profit from the festival back to the community
  • Since 2002, UVSA has donated more than $800,000 back to more than 300 community organizations
  • The Tet Festival is run entirely on volunteer effort; lead by the UVSA staff and many community organizations in Southern California

Source:  TetOrangeCounty


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