February 5 & 6, 2011
The 29th Annual
Vietnamese New Year

TẾT is the Vietnamese New Year celebrated at the same time with the Chinese New Year around late January or early February every year.  TẾT is the most important holiday in the Vietnamese culture, as important as Christmas and the New Year altogether to the Americans.

THE ANNUAL TẾT FESTIVAL IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA is the biggest annual event hosted by the Coalition of Nationalist Vietnamese Organizations of Northern California (CONVONCA) to promote Vietnamese culture and preserve traditional customs among over 300,000 Vietnamese residents of California.  With the attendance of 40,000 to 70,000 people, the TẾT Festival in Northern California really deserves to be

“The largest Vietnamese New Year TẾT Festival Overseas”.

At the TẾT Festival, our guests and visitors will have the opportunity: to taste special Vietnamese foods, to watch or participate in original activities and games, which are normally played by the Vietnamese during TẾT, games and rides from American Travel Shows, Music and Performances, 6 Exhibition- centers, Shows, Contests: Martial Arts Tournament, Volley ball Tournament, Table Tennis Tournament, Talent Shows, Miss TẾT Pageant, Circus, Firecrackers and much, much more, have chances to interact with members of the local Vietnamese community, in terms of information exchange, friendship building and business development.

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