Wendy Vo,child prodigy of music and language – Videos

She is so cute and its so great listening to her speaking all these languages.

Wendy Vo speaks 11 languages(Vietnamese,English,Spanish,Mandarin Chinese,French,Japanese,Hindi,Arabic,Russian,Cantonese and Portuguese) and composes her own music.In this video,she speaks Portuguese,French,Russian.You can listen to her music at showcaseyourmusic.com/wendyvo.Wendy can be reached at minhvo1@msn.com.Wendy Vo is an 8 year-old Vietnamese-American..Wendy was chosen by the prestigious Forbes magazine as one of America’s 10 young role models.(Go to forbes.com , search for wendy vo,click on 10 role models and wait for Wendy’s picture to appear.)
Wendy’s music CD’s are available forsale on amazon.com.


Youtube Videos:

Different Languages here….

She’s jamming here….. She’s having a ball!  So fun watching her play.

Her father is a dentist. He confirms that his daughter can speak 11 languages, most fluent in English, Vietnamese and Spanish. The other are French, Portugese, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, Mandarin, Cantonese and Hindi.

The reason why she can speak many languages, according to her father, is that in his clinic there are many employers, costumers, and patients from different ethnic groups… and he often takes her to his clinic.
One day he found her daughter was talking to a patient in a strange language (he knew it was Russian after that) and was so surprised.
Since then he started to notice his daughter and realized that she learns languages from people.



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