RMK-BRJ Construction Legacy in Việt Nam Today [Part 3]

Between 1965 and 1972, the consortium of the four largest American construction companies, RMK-BRJ, built much of the infrastructure of the lines of communications now serving southern Việt Nam today.  All of the photographs below were taken in 1972 — click on any of them to enlarge it.

The Newport Saigon River depot  (now called Tần Cảng) still offloads ships at the docks next to the Saigon Bridge on the Hà Nội Highway, both of which were also built by RMK-BRJ.

RMK-BRJ completed construction on the by-pass highway (QL-1A) to the west around Saigon in 1972.

This new highway took pressure off traffic in downtown Saigon and now is the key route for transport between the delta to the south and the industrial parks to the north and west.  There are many new office buildings and factories along the bypass highway.

The new bypass highway included four major bridges (Bình Phước, Bình Điền, Bến Lức, and Tân An).

I am not sure what might have happened to this cinema RMK-BRJ built at the Long Bình U.S. Army Post right before the American army left Vietnam at the end of 1972.

Source:  Antidote to Burnout

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Huan Le

June 5th, 2015 at 6:47 am    

My name is Huan Le, Badge No.: 205648-9. I worked at RMK-BRJ from 1964-1972 in Vietnam. During that time my job is Interpreter an Radio Operator. My supervisor is Carl M. Christiansen and I worked at Nha Be-Saigon jobsites from Nov 1964-1968 with title Interpreter.
1969-1972 Radio Operator at Dalat & Saigon with my supervisor Mr. William Martin Comunication Radio Room SMO.
I’m looking for my old folks where they are. I’m living in Tomball, Texas. Could you email to my daughter: jocekle5@hotmail.com

I hope I could see my folks before I die.


Huan Le

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