Terrorists in Action at Bat Nha Captured on Video/Audio files

Don’t know how much authorities pay these thugs but look like you can buy these thug moral principles if they have any for very CHEAP.  This is ugly:

Latest developments:

Urgent – Prajna Monastery is under seiged again – 27.09.2009

Translated from www.phusa.info

Time 16:33 PM Vietnam 27.09.2009

  • The thugs hired by the Dongs monks (disciples) of Ven. Duc Nghi, under the directions of police and the government, are beating and pushing the nuns toward the gate of the Nun’s Clouds Over the Mountain Hamlet. The  police are standing there videotaping.
  • The venerables from Lam Dong Vietnam Buddhist Sangha  called Mr. Le Thanh Phong (Vice-Chairman of Party’s Committee), Truong Van Thu (Vice-President of People’s Committee)  and Ho Ba Thang (Chairman of Vietnam Fatherland Front ) to ask for help, but all three said no thing happens at Prajna monastery.

Time 16:30 PM Vietnam 27.09.2009

  • The thugs pushed the nuns walking toward the vegetable garden. Some nuns fell on the stair and were beaten with umbrellas.
  • The monks were beaten seriously,and were taken to somewhere.
  • Listen to the voice of a nun

Time 15:29 PM Vietnam 27.09.2009

  • The nun’s Warm Hearth Hamlet has been under attacked since 13:12, and the nuns still staying inside.

Time 14:57 PM Vietnam 27.09.2009

  • Now there are 50 monks are standing under the rain, hungry and cold on the road in front of the Nuns’ Clouds Over the Mountain’s Hamlet
  • One lay aspirant was beaten, bloods sprouted from the mouth.
  • One novice monks was strangled and pushed into the car.
  • About 30 monks are still stucked in the monk’s residence.

Time 14:48 PM Vietnam 27.09.2009

  • The monks are pushed into cars, and beaten, they were driven to the gate of Clouds Over the Mountain Hamlet.
  • The  monks lay down on the road, so the police could not take them away.
  • Many persons called Mr. Hiep, vice-director of Lam Dong Province Police Department, he answered  “This is internal matter of the Buddhist. We do not interfere.” (?!) then hang up.
  • At the same time, long-time followers of Ven. Duc Nghi called him via the number 097.548.4970. He answered: “This is the plan of General Tran Tu of Police Ministry. I am also a victim of this event”.
  • Listen to the voice of Ven. Duc Nghi
  • Calls to leaders of Lam Dong provinces through these numbers:
    • Mr. Le Thanh Phong: Vice-Chairman of Party’s Committee, 091.386.5000
    • Mr. Truong Van Thu: Vice-President of People’s Committee 091.386.5294.
    • Mr.  Ho Ba Thang: Chairman of Vietnam Fatherland Front 091.393.4718

Were answered with: “How could such violence happens. We will check” then they hang up.

Note: If you call from oversea, dial +84 then the number, without the first number 0.

Time 14:19  PM Vietnam 27.09.09

  • We hear clearly that from the morning until 14:19, the monks and not have not had any thing to eat and they have to stay under the rain, hungry and cold. Please inform western embassy in Hanoi, human right groups and the International Red Cross to ask for help and intervention. Thanks.

Time 14:01  PM Vietnam 27.09.09

Time 13:21  PM Vietnam 27.09.09

  • Some one calls Mr. Son of Lam Dong Police Department to ask for help, but he said: “That is because of the violent crowd, I dare not interfere” then hang up.

Time 13:12  PM Vietnam 27.09.09

  • The thugs, under direction of  the police, moves to the Warm Hearth Hamlet (Xóm  Bếp Lửa Hồng), the second hamlet where the nuns stay. There are two dormitories in this hamlet.
  • The nuns locks all the doors and stay inside.
  • The police push the monks into 3 taxis and drop them off at the nun’s Clouds Over the Mountain Hamlet? For what reasons?

Time 12:39 PM Vietnam 27.09.09

  • The polices pushes the monks into the ben- truck. Do not know where they take the monks to?

Time 12:20 AM Vietnam 27.09.09

  • · The polices pushes the monks into the ben- truck. Do not know where they drive the monks to?

Time 12:20 PM Vietnam 27.09.09

  • 4 taxi enters the through the main gate, do not know who are inside the cars.
  • The thugs, under direction of  the police, moves to the Clouds Over the Mountain Hamlet (Xom Mây Đầu Núi), one of the two hamlets where the nuns stay.
  • The sisters locks all the doors and stay inside.
  • The thugs smash all the doors and push the nuns out to the yard.

Time 12:02 PM Vietnam 27.09.09

  • The monks are still being forced to sit under the rain for 1 hour 30 minutes already (since 10:30 AM). No cover. It still rains hard. It is very cold.
  • Traffic police (in uniform) are montoring and blocking all entrances to the monastery. Police in plain clothes still monitor the situation with modern equipments.

Time 11:32 AM Vietnam 27.09.09

  • One construction truck (Ben type) -  used for transporting construction materials – enters the monastery approaching the Beginner’s Mind Building (Cư Xá Tâm Ban Đầu)

Time: 11:23 AM Vietnam 27.09.09

  • The monks sitting in circle outside under the rain.
  • The thugs continue to shout insults
  • Bells, Sutras, clothes, personal belonging scattered under the rain.

Time: 11:06 AM Vietnam 27.09.09

  • It is raining in Prajna. The monks sit out in the cold.
  • Police call in car to take the monks away.
  • All entrances to the monastery are blocked. Supporters come in to help, but were stopped from a far.
  • Police is increasing in number.  They occupy all the rooms, forcing all the monks to  come out to the yard.
  • Police ask the monks to take out their belongings, waiting for cars to take them to somewhere. Where? Nobody knows.
  • It is still calm at the nuns’s residences.

Time: 10:50 AM Vietnam 27.09.09

  • Police drag Brs. Phap Hoi and Phap Tu (two elders of the Sangha) out of the room, and treat the monks like animals.
  • One lay person was chased by the police, she runs and screams: Oh, monks, it is so dangerous.

It is now 10:30 AM 27.09. 2009, our communication line is having difficulties, however, we know that:

  • The attacking thugs gave an order to the monks that they must leave Prajna monastery within 2 days.
  • The monks were pushed out of the residence, and are praying outside along the hallways.
  • Two monks in Sanghati are meditation in front of their rooms.
  • All belongings were thrown out into the yard.

(PSN) It is now 9:45 AM, VN Time, PSN is on the phone with Prajna Monastery. The situation is very urgent and dangerous for the monks:

  • A big group of thugs gathered at Prajna monastery and went into the monks’ residence. From the gathering of the thugs (9:30 AM) to the begining of the violence and until now (the violence is happening), police in plain clothes are every where, but not doing any thing to intervene. It seems the police are there to direct the seige and the thugs were hired by them to carry out the violence. STOP!
  • The monks are meditating on the third floor, to send the peacful energy to those in hatred and ignorance, praying for the Avalokiteshvar to spread the water of compassion to the violent thugs.
  • We heard loud noises of the via the telephone.
  • The thugs are throwing meditation cushions out to the yard.
  • About 150 people are smashing the 2nd floor of the monks’s residence (in Fragrant Palm Forest Hamlet)

Source:  PhatNanBatNha


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