6-Year-Old Whiz Kid Called Human Calendar

November 19, 2009


MIDWAY CITY — Six-year-old William Dam is a normal boy with one very extraordinary skill: Give him any A.D. date on the calendar and he’ll tell you which day of the week it was.

The Midway City kid will tell you that 9/11 fell on a Tuesday and Dec. 7, 1941 — the day the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor — was a Sunday.

KTLA put Dam to the test and he passed with flying colors — even naming the day of the week for a future date: May 29, 9800. “Thursday,” Dam answered correctly.

He’s not particularly gifted at math or any other subject. But he happens to be one of about fifty people in the world who have the rare ability to map out the calendar day by day.
Technically, though, he’s a savant — people with one very special and rare mind skill.

Dam practices everyday, challenging himself with 20 random dates. He’s almost always right.

Experts believe the “calendar calculators” can map out the days visually in their heads.

When he was younger, his doctor was concerned that Dam might be autistic: He didn’t learn to speak until he was 3-and-a-half.

“Since then, he’s been fine,” Amy Mong of Dr. Tramy Nguyen-Mok’s office said. “He’s been developing normally.”

Source:  KTLA


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