“Hotgirl” and Society

If you make a visit to any of the Vietnamese websites right now, you probably will see an article and/or pictures of “hotgirl” Elly Tran on their websites.  She is the new internet sensation in Vietnam and maybe other countries too.


So, what is a “hotgirl”?  We know that they are young Vietnamese girls and we know them through online forums, news, or blogs.  But that doesn’t tell you much what is a “hotgirl”.  Well, lets take a look at few examples out of the many we have heard of over the years.  First time I heard of “hotgirl” was two years ago with the Nhat Ky Vang Anh sex scandal.  The teen TV series was axed and her sex video and scandalous pictures of her and her friends live on.  Maybe you have her sex video on your hard drive.  She and many of her girlfriends are considered “hotgirls”.  After the cancellation of the teen TV series, she became a model for one of the online games which disgusted many gamers.  Basically, “hotgirls” are famous party girls.  That’s one way to become a “hotgirl”.  Many money making websites love this because “sex sells”.  Since teens are taught not to discuss politics and not to question authority, so the only exciting subject to talk about is sex on these websites.



Phương khùng - My Mốc - Linh meo - My Tồ - Huyền Tròn - Top

Phương khùng - My Mốc - Linh meo - My Tồ - Huyền Tròn - Top

Thuy Top is another “hotgirl” most talked  about in the Vietnamese online community.  After posting two sets of photo shoots on the net, she became popular with the title “the girl with the biggest measurement 1 in Vietnam”.  But I think Elly Tran is taking over that title as I’m typing this.  Film and game industries got noticed of her popularity and gave her some gigs.  Unlike Hoang Thuy Linh, Thuy Top is not a trained model, singer, or actress.  That’s why people compared her to Paris Hilton.  Her success story had inspired thousands of young Vietnamese girls to post revealing pictures of themselves on the internet hoping to gain stardom.


Those are the high profile “hotgirls” in the mainstream.  And then there are many “hotgirls” like Pe Tin.  She was a game model but got more popular by posting provocative pictures of herself in her blog.  Every now and then, she puts interesting pictures of herself on her blog.  I don’t think she’s in for the money.  If you see a high school girl with that many LV purses, that’s Pe Pin.  Money can buy you LV purses but can it buy you “real” attention and love?


So its okay to say that to be a “hotgirl”, you don’t need any talent like acting, modeling, or singing.  What all these “hotgirls” have in common is having scandalous pictures of themselves on the internet.

Sadly to say, many local girls now posing scandalous pictures of themselves all over on these websites.  A Vietnamese teen website is now a website filled with sexual materials.  Either these girls are looking for fame like “hotgirls” or they are desperately craving attention.  Lets look at some of these Vietnamese teen websites.  These are screenshots of their front page.  Warning:  some of their contents are not kid safe.  Enter at your own risk!











These Vietnamese websites are for teens but their contents are mostly sexual materials.  They look more like porn websites than a teen websites.  Lets look and compare the Vietnamese teen websites and the English language teen websites.







Can you see the difference?  Yes, “sex sells” but the Vietnamese entertainment and media industries are cashing in targeting kids.  I would not be typing this if all those websites are for the adults.  These websites talk about “hotgirls” most of the time and then you have a generation of young people only know how to get attention, love, or popular is to expose themselves with scandalous pictures.  If you are in a need for attention, there are other ways beside having naked or half naked pictures of yourself floating all over the internet.  Plus, those pictures are going to be there when you are a wife or a mother.  The teen website business is supposed to help teens through the tough years but instead Vietnamese teen websites are fueling the need  for young girls exposing themselves.

Even the mainstream #1 Vietnamese news website shares a same theme on their site.  On their website, under Culture or “Van Hoa” section, most contents there are about beauty and sex.  Here’s an example:


The word “hotgirl” is widely and loosely used on these websites.  It is used to drive traffic to their websites and make money.  Sadly many girls look up to these “hotgirls” and imitate their life style.  In the meantime, these websites encourage and make it easy for them to post these kind of pictures.  With the rise in abortion and HIV cases in Vietnam,  these websites are not helping but fueling this kind of dangerous life style.


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